Allergology deals with the detection and diagnosis, prophylaxis and treatment (medication and /or immunotherapy), monitoring and educating patients suffering from allergic diseases, immunological hypersensitivity disorders. Medical care in allergology treats allergic diseases or disorders with an allergic component which mainly include: allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, allergic rhinoconjunctivitis, some forms of rhinosinusitis, asthma, food allergies, allergic contact dermatitis, drug allergies, chronic spontaneous urticaria, or inducible urticaria. Allergic disorders require, aside from complex prophylactic measures, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory or systemic or topical immunomodulatory treatment. Moreover, some patients suffering from IgE-mediated allergies such as allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis and asthma can benefit from Allergen immunotherapy under rigorously evaluated conditions.

Maneuvers/Specific diagnosis and therapeutic procedures

In vivo allergy tests which require specialized prescription and supervision (they are NOT done upon request)

They are prescribed according to the detailed anamnesis correlated with the evaluation of the patient’s lifestyle and environment particularities, with the objective clinical examination and as appropriate, prior evaluation of the cardiovascular, functional and respiratory parameters, as well as with associated pathology/counterindications.

Skin prick testing for airborne environmental allergens is performed with allergenic extracts from the European baseline series, while food allergens prick by prick tests use the available trophallergens; environmental stimuli skin testing for urticaria a frigore; patch testing with contact allergens, including the European baseline series; skin prick and intradermal tests for amide-based local anesthetics and iodinated contrast media allergies.

In vivo tests are recommended by the specialist in allergology after specialty consult having assessed the benefits and risks. They are to be avoided during periods of deficient control in allergic diseases, in emergency cases or in various associated pathologies/disorders, when the risk is unjustified due to diagnosis or therapeutic alternatives.

Therapeutic recommendations or anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory or systemic and/or topical immunomodulatory treatments

Allergen-specific immunotherapy recommendations or oral immunotherapy

Prophylactic and therapeutic education of the patient suffering from immunoallergic pathology by means of quality evaluation diagnosis, complex measures, including handouts/leaflets containing detailed information regarding prophylactic measures of avoiding allergen exposure or other triggering or aggravating factors in hypersensitivity reactions


Specialty - Allergology

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