I have constantly been practicing dermatology with its fascinating branches for over 28 years now. Many times, due to personal relationships, I’ve called colleagues of different specialties, experts in their field that we hold in high regard, to solve one case or another. Whenever we would meet in the city or at university we would discuss difficult cases, almost to the exclusion of personal topics.

Since 2019 we have been collaborating as a close-knit team for better results right by our patients’ beds. I strongly believe in our team and in an honest, ethical, committed, and patient – oriented approach.

Many years of study, thousands of patients successfully treated, and mentorship for our students and resident doctors are all to be found here.


Olga Simionescu Md, PhD,
Clinical Professor of Dermatology


Second Opinion

Beyond various medical investigations there is a worried patient, family members who are waiting, a clock that may be mercilessly ticking. Many cases have been the cause of sleepless nights. And yet…

We are well aware that in the case of certain diseases an hour can make the difference between life and death. We treat each patient with understanding and patience and with the utmost discretion. The key to a correct diagnosis lies in the analysis and correct interpretation of the information given alongside the evaluation of the patient’s lifestyle and environment.

Out of concern for your health, we have a partnership with Signal Iduna.